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I’d like to introduce you to my latest project, MINDMATCH. In MINDMATCH, a psychologist haunted by fears of mental instability must embrace her sixth sense and delve into the mind of a killer bent on a twisted version of justice.

It’s a wild ride of twists and turns, with my psychic sleuth able to see through the killer’s eyes and feel the killer’s emotions. 


One of the fun parts of being a writer is that I get to research any topic. In writing MINDMATCH, I’ve learned a lot of creepy facts about the people we call serial killers. The maze of the human mind can be a very scary place. 

Psychologist Gabrielle Rousseau was not psychic. Nineteen years of peace told her that. 

Yes, she was highly perceptive. That was all. 

Last night was just a dream. She did not have a vision of a man’s murder. Ridiculous. A dream caused by too much of what passed as news sensationalizing crime.

She told herself that once again as she took a sip of her cinnamon latte. Taking a deep breath, she keyed up the morning news. 

And her stomach fell to the bricks.

Prestigious Attorney Slain in French Quarter Hotel, the headline read. 

She searched for the name in the article, and found it:  Ashton Bayard IV, one of her patients. But Ashton wasn’t the man she’d seen.

Taking slow breaths, she grit her teeth and closed her eyes until she fought nausea down.

Her tranquil courtyard came back into focus, and soft morning sunlight shifted lazily across the old brick. 

She read the full article and found a man's name. She wasn't surprised.

After all, she'd watched Sam Arceneaux die.


A Lost Touch of Bliss grips readers from page one! Amy Tolnitch mesmerizes readers with strong elements of the paranormal, the heartbreaking loss of a powerful love, and the breathless anticipation that a second chance hovers on the brink of forgiveness. – Romance Junkies 

Brilliant characterization, stunning descriptive ability and a truly romantic hero; A Lost Touch of Paradise has it all. – Romance Designs 

A Lost Touch of Innocence is the best historical book I’ve ever read in a really long time! – Rosie Bindra, Fresh Fiction 

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